This Request for Proposal by Bush Prairie Home Owners Association is for the removal of at least 6 trees from common areas and possibly up to 8 trees conditional to the submitted proposals.

Summary of work:
There are 5 cottonwood trees that need removal from our ‘Bowl’ common area with perhaps another maple needing removal. These cottonwoods are 100′ tall or more. We seek to remove all trees marked ‘remove’ from the recommendation column starting on page 3 in the first report below. We seek to remove all fallen lumber and repair any damage to the track area around these trees from falling limbs, trunks and equipment.

In 2 other common areas there are 2 trees that need removal where the timber can remain onsite. There are potential pruning and stem removal of other trees that are described in the second report below.

Bush Prairie HOA is within Tumwater City limits and is responsible to follow tree removal procedures as the municipal code dictates. Please include necessary permitting information with your submitted proposal.

Please review the following Assessment reports for your information. There are tree site maps at the back of these reports with plat photos and the trees onsite have been marked according to the details in the reports.

5-6 Trees from the “Bowl” area

2-3 Trees from the ‘Bog’, ‘Meadows’ and ‘Forest Walk’ areas

We request proposals for the work described with a breakdown of costs. We will definitely remove all trees in the first (“Bowl”) report and will determine a course of action for the removal and maintenance recommendations  from the second (3 parcel) report.

Please send proposals to Thank you for your interest.

-Bush Prairie Landscaping Chair